Gemscool Atlantica

Gemscool Atlantica is a game that tells search Atlantis lands that had been destroyed by the arrogance and greed of Atlantis with the success they create a substance called Oriharukon. Atlantis finally disappeared in a flash as they lose control of supernatural powers created from Oriharukon.
Atlantica Online   Game Online Indonesia dari Gemscool
As a descendant of Atlantis, began the journey to find their ancestral lands, which disappeared from the earth long ago. Save the human race from the devastating effects Oriharukon, the source of destructive power belongs to Atlantis.
Atlantica Online   Game Online Indonesia dari Gemscool
Junior Member Online Anlantica Indonesia If we look at this game, we definitely remembered the ancient games-games before the advent of Read Alert and Warcraft. Game runs alternately between our party and the opposition. How to play this game requires the players to attack the cohesiveness of the enemy.

Atlantica Online - Game Online Indonesia from Gemscool
Synopsis Atlantica Online

Atlantis residents became very prosperous after they created the substance called Oriharukon. The desire to learn the secrets of this mysterious material, many other civilizations implored residents of Atlantis to share their knowledge, but they refused, closing their door to strangers.

People are still forced, brutally destroyed by the inhabitants of Atlantis. In the end, the people exhausted all supplies 4 Atlantis crystal, raw material for Oriharukon. Their thirst for the crystals to bring about the destruction of civilization's greatest 4 (Yellow River, the Indus Valley, Mesopotamia, and Egypt), and make their plans to conquer the world to find another crystal.

But the arrogance and greed of Atlantis just deliver them to the death. When they lost control of supernatural powers created from Oriharukon, Atlantis disappeared in a flash. However, the rest of Oriharukon still there.

Your Quest Atlantica Online

Atlantica Online   Game Online Indonesia dari Gemscool
To continue the dangerous journey that is destined for you as a descendant of Atlantis. To find your fatherland, which vanished from the earth long ago. To fulfill your destiny: Save the human race from the devastating effects Oriharukon, the source of destructive power belongs to Atlantis.

You will begin a great journey that will take you to places that mysterious and dangerous in the world, in the history of time and human life. You will enter battles against countless creatures of legends and strange creatures, mutated and deadly due to the effects of Oriharukon. In addition, you have to help the mercenaries you meet along the way, fighting the enemy together. You will collect clues from the old civilization is left, which will take you to the land of the lost Atlantis, as well as the secrets therein.

Strategic Combat Atlantica Online

Atlantica Online   Game Online Indonesia dari Gemscool

Turn-based Battle System

Atlantica back to the roots of traditional RPGs and incorporates classic turn-based combat, and combining movement elements for deep strategic action! Enjoy tactical combat that has been missing from modern MMORPG.

Mercenary system

Mercenary Recruit up to 18 to join in the journey. Have up to 8 Mercenary who fought with you in battle, and adjust your strategy according to the situation. Plan new tactics and maneuvers throughout the race to find an enemy's weakness. Level and the Mercenary rank, as well as character, will continue to increase if they are getting stronger.

Player Versus Player

Test of guts and courage against fellow players. Participate in the Free Leagues will test your fighting power every three hours in one day. And bet money on your strong suit yours by making a Challenge; ago defeated all comers who want to take it from you.

Advanced Community Atlantica Online

Atlantica Online   Game Online Indonesia dari Gemscool

Town Control / Government System Atlantica Online

Players have the ability to operate a guild that can manage a city. At that time, many things that can be set for the town community, including city legislation for security, customs, industry, commerce, health, and planning and building development. If you manage a city, you have the potential to form their own country. If you combine the power, you can be the king, with the ability and the power that is not owned by other players. You can hire more people and affect the guild leader under your command to be stronger. In addition, you can fight with other countries to get wealth.

Guild Atlantica Online

Guild is a union of almost all MMORPGs, as well as here. Guild offers cooperation to improve the playing experience. However, membership in a guild in Atlantica offers much more than that, including the ease of crafting, dungeons exclusive guild, and guild points which can be exchanged for rare items.

Mentor System Atlantica Online

Wake up and strengthen friendship during Atlantismu search! Bring a new adventure with you and for your experience with beginners. Receive a gift when your pupils achieve level 30.

Knowledge Impartation System Atlantica Online

Teach the skills you learn to your pal friends, or share your knowledge of monsters you have encountered with newcomers to help them along the way.

Player Driven Economy Atlantica Online

Sistem Ekonomi Atlantica Online

Atlantica has an economic system that is run by the players. Playerlah who do crafting almost all items and equipment in the game after collecting the materials needed are scattered around the world. Atlantica has been designed to create a 'demand' and 'supply' of materials such proficiency level to ensure economic stability.

Sistem Crafting Atlantica Online

Forging weapons, make potions, and supplies necessary to use a variety of materials obtained from the enemy. Not only that! Learn up to 34 different crafting skills and learn up to 100 levels to get crafting skills for more powerful items. Refine your weapons through enchantments or enhancements to have more damage. Refine weapons will shine, bringing deepest fear for your enemies.

Game Atlantica Online Feature

Pertarungan Atlantica Online

Atlantica Online   Game Online Indonesia dari Gemscool
Start a fight Atlantica Online

When you hover over the monster, the icon will turn into a sword. When you right-click on nearby monsters you will enter Battle Mode. You can enter the battle with a monster that has to do battle with other 

players.Monster Information Atlantica Online

When you right-click on a monster and select 'Details' you can see the level and battle formations.
(Only applies when using the Scroll of Patrol)
If the monster has to do battle with other players you can also see the 'Battle Obsevation' which will make you able to watch the fight without participating.

Mode Pertarungan Atlantica Online

In order mercenary can perform Action when it's your turn in battle mode they need at least 100 Action Power. Mercenary capable of doing Action when your turn will be marked with green color.

After all mercenary action that has enough power already using Action during a turn, or when the time limit had expired (30 seconds) then turned into the enemy's turn.

Transaction Atlantica Online

Barter Atlantica Online

Although you can buy and sell items in the Market, you can also perform direct barter of money and goods with other players.

Toko Pribadi di Atlantica Online

You can sell and buy items to and from other players with your Personalized Store. After opening private shops you can still move, fight, or conduct other transactions. You can also search for items sold by other players and buy them through a private shop window.
Atlantica Online   Game Online Indonesia dari Gemscool
And many other features on this onlineAtlantica games. Tapibagi you are already used to play strategy games or MMORPGs, you'll have no trouble to play Atlantica Online Games.

Daftar Gemscool Atlantica

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saat mendaftar, serta Security Code

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Login Gemscool Atlantica

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Gemscool Dragon Nest

Gemscool Dragon Nest is a name provided by the games or online game portal site gemscool is where the game is no less interesting as the other games in the first terhadapa introduce the online game lovers in Indonesia especially online gamers gemscool .

On this occasion I will tell you as admin information about game online game portal site has been provided in the call to gemscool the dragon nest . to play this one carries a three- dimensional graphics system so that the display on the game more vivid and real .

As for the origin of dragon nest game is from the south, where the correspondence manufacturer currently working with various online game portal site , and that became one of its partners is gemscool . with the cooperation on the intertwined dragon nest makes the game increasingly well known by the public and a growing number of gamers who play it .

Gemscool Dragon Nest

Even the gamers in Indonesia was so fun and love the game will treat the input into the category of the largest in asia game lovers . see it at all because it is very feasible to see the development now , many teens and adults who frequently play online games from gemscool treats .

Cursory atmosphere of this game is almost like a game lost saga is where the game early on introduced by gemscool . but if you look carefully you will see that where once the difference in the game dragon nest sugushan more real and more fun at the play it because it brings 3D graphics .

In this game we are faced to the choice of characters that includes four increments as follows :

  • Sorceress who was a magician in the world dragon nest
  • archer with a long-range attack
  • warrior who is a close combat is very fast and agile
  • cleirc with good defense skills

Option character above you can play to complement the thrill of the atmosphere in the game , but please note that we do not forget the time to execute our obligations .

Gemscool Point Blank

Gemscool Point Blank Indonesia is an online FPS games are extremely popular with gamers all over the waiting room Indonesia.Sistem in Point Blank PB Game Online Indonesia is also unique. We do not need to wait until all slots filled, as long as the opponent READY, then the game can run. Other users who want to join can directly join anytime.

Point Blank PB: against A.I.
If we do not feel strong enough to play against the enemy, provided access to practice against AI. Level of difficulty in this mode players will adapt to the capabilities. All the guns that we use later will always be unique, because the weapons will be available its extended version.
Point Blank PB: Helmet Protection
Helmet protection is supporting the reality of war. Function of the protective helmet for player safety. With the helmet protector, a player does not immediately die if exposed to the "Head Shot"
Point Blank PB: Mission interesting
PB knew mission a "tuck" in each round of the game. This system will provide for our personal gain.
The story of Point Blank PB Game Online Indonesia

Point Blank Game : Free Rebels

Point Blank PB Game Online Indonesia dari Gemscool
The increasing number of immigrants who do not get a job and expelled from society, so to survive the immigrants and then perform a variety of crimes from robbery to drug trafficking. This criminal action developed into an organized movement to form an organization called Free Rebels. The goal is not to control the entire drug trafficking and weapons around the world and create fear for the community.

Point Blank Game : CT-FORCE

Point Blank PB Game Online Indonesia dari Gemscool
Due to conflicts with immigrants is widespread, the government decided to set up a special organization to deal with the terrorists. Since the establishment of this organization, they begin to seek information and the existence of a terrorist organization called Free Rebels. In line with the increase in the terrorist threat, the government then sends reinforcements best ever in the government who then came and joined and renamed the CT-FORCE (Counter Terrorist Force).

Type Game Point Blank PB

Point Blank Gemscool : Dead Match

“That can be trusted on the battlefield when only one team mate and weapons”
  • In a death match mode, kill all enemies in sight.
  • Do not hesitate to seek out and show your skills
    in killing the enemy to ensure the victory.
  • Knowing the characteristics of each folder and both very useful strategy to win a battle.
  • If you are killed by the enemy do not worry. By the time you respawn will be immune from any kind of attack for some time.

Point Blank Gemscool : Bomb Mission

“I just need good tactics and team work perfect”
  • The main purpose of the Bomb Mission is to blow up a particular area.
  • The best defense is to kill all enemies or defuse a bomb that has been installed.
  • Bomb Mission round format. If you are killed
    in the game and you will not respawn until the next round. Try to set a strategy that will be used for the next round.
  • Nowadays, all you need is the right strategy and a good TEAM WORK!

Point Blank Gemscool : Destroy Mission

“No one can destroy the power of mine”
  • The mission goal is to decimated object of each team.
  • Similar to bomb mission, this battle round format. Determine appropriate strategies according to TEAMWORK !
  • The mission objective is to destroy the object of each team. The more damage received your enemies will be more aggressive also movement of the enemy.
  • If you are killed in this battle and you will instantly respawn and can continue fighting back.

Point Blank Gemscool : Eliminate

“No going back! Kill all the enemies !”
  • The only way to win is to kill all enemies. This battle has a round format.
  • To win a round, you have to kill all the enemies.
    If you are killed you will respawn in the next round.
  • Team that has reached the specified total rounds will be the winner.
  • If you kill more than 3 people (in mode 8 vs. 8, more than 5 people) in the first round, it will get the bonus Exp.
  • This battle can use the map 4 vs 4. Feel the new thrill in killing all the enemies on the map.

Point Blank Gemscool : A.I Match

“Taps and exercise challenge !”
  • Classification of AI (Artificial Intelligence) to exercise is divided into 10 stages.
  • 4 people can participate in the training, the maximum amount of AI in training is 8.
  • In training you can improve your ability to
    against A.I,
  • In training Kill / Death will not be put in Kill / Death ratio, please enjoy training without weights.
  • You will get a bigger score if the higher difficulty levels.
  • With regular practice you can improve your skills before plunging into real battle!!!

Character Point Blank PB Game Online Indonesia

Point Blank PB : CT FORCE 

Acid Pool (Paul)
Age: 25, Height: 179cm, Weight: 75kg

Point Blank PB Game Online Indonesia dari Gemscool
Graduated as the best police of the University of Elite Police and has a cool demeanor. However, because of the cute style of speech that he was given the nickname "Acid Pool" by his friends.

After graduating he then signed up to be a cop. Because it has a high ability and always have a good tactic, he was then assigned to join CT-FORCE.

To prove his loyalty and kepercayaanya to the government, he is ready to fight the Free Rebels is increasingly rampant.


Age: 28, Height: 177cm, Weight: 55kg

Point Blank PB Game Online Indonesia dari Gemscool
He was born in England, his parents were former soldiers in Tokyo. At age 19 he enrolled to become infantry in the British Army. The age of 22 years he became the most famous soldier in the British Army for tactical support and have high ability.

At the age of 26 he got a hard battle, causing injuries to his face. Due to the ability and experience of the CT-FORCE interested in recruiting him.

Because it comes from a foreign country he was given the nickname "Hide". However, because it is a loner he can not get along with each other in the CT-FORCE

With a short haircut and black as well as scars on his face, making him look very cool.

Age: 35, Height: 180cm, Weight: 80kg

Point Blank PB Game Online Indonesia dari Gemscool
At age 17 he migrated to the United States along with his entire family. Because he is of Asian descent were harassed by classmates. After graduating from college at 22 years old she immediately signed up to be the U.S. Army.

At age 24 he was already a member of the Green beret special force. He then acquired the rank of Sergeant at the age of 33 years. After that, he returned to his birthplace to enjoy life. Not long after came the news that the central government wants to recruit all the soldiers that are reliable to form a team against the terrorists are increasingly rampant.

The team called Ct-FORCE. Green beret get command to find someone who has a high ability to join CT-FORCE against terrorists. At the time of joining the CT-FORCE she gets calls "Leopard".
Keen Eyes (Ayse)

Age: 26, Height: 178cm, Weight: 53kg

Point Blank PB Game Online Indonesia dari Gemscool
Is a crossbreed between natives and newcomers. He has a high capacity and is one of the leaders of the police.

Due to this reason the CT-FORCE intend to ask her to join.

Because it is a mixed breed and has a keen eye then his friends called him "Keen Eyes". It is the only breed in the police.


Age - 24 years, Height - 179cm, Weight - 56kg

Point Blank PB Game Online Indonesia dari Gemscool
He was born in a family of immigrants. Lost both parents in a child due to accident, was later adopted by another family. Day after day passed in his new family. But the racist nature of his adoptive father increasingly large and treated him roughly. One day he found a revolver in the closet, then he took the revolver and menembakkanya chest to his adoptive father. As a result of this incident he was put in jail. In prison he often was called "Tarantula". After a few years he was free of penjara.Kemudian he heard the news that immigrants always have discrimination, it made ​​him very angry. Then he memustuskan to join the Free Rebels.

Viper Red

Age - 26 years, Height - 178cm, Weight - 58kg

Point Blank PB Game Online Indonesia dari Gemscool
He follows his foster father's footsteps coming from France to become a bodyguard. Fighting ability and his endurance has been forged with both small time. He was adopted by a person from another country 25 years ago, because his mother would carry a secret mission. Now she's trying to look and see his mother again. He then got the news that his mother was a Free Rebels and had been killed by the government at the time of the battle to protect immigrants from Latin America. Hearing that he then decided to join the Free Rebels to help immigrants who are oppressed and avenge his mother. Unlike other women. He possessed a high speed and great strength. He is also an expert in developing tactics and slippery as a snake is always moving while on the battlefield. He does not like the sun and always use sunglasses.

Age - 29 years, Height - 180cm, Weight - 78kg

Point Blank PB Game Online Indonesia dari Gemscool
Both her parents are from the Middle East and Asia. Although he has a mix of good physical. At the age of 20 years he has been a Lieutenant and has done a lot of special missions. At the age of 25 years he has been a team leader. He was famous for never leaving a trace in every battle. At the age of 26 years he has become an Army Ranger. Not long after that he got a secret assignment from the government. However, due to no fault of the government information, all members of his team were killed. Government delegate all the blame on him for what happened. Not accept the government's treatment, he later rebelled and joined the Free Rebels. To commemorate and honor his friends who had been killed on the battlefield he later named himself Desert Fox, which was later shortened to D-Fox. On a mission he does not have time to escape before the bomb exploded mounted, so that his hand was injured. Therefore he always use gloves.
Red Bulls

Age - 32 years, Height - 182cm, Weight - 85kg

Point Blank PB Game Online Indonesia dari Gemscool
Because only an immigrant he lived in a small village along the tuanya.dan other immigrants. He was also a great football player. Shortly after receiving the MVP title in soccer championship, he heard the news that his parents were killed while defending their villages from the government that wants to destroy the village. He soon returned to his village, but he only found his village that had been destroyed. His heart was filled with anger and hatred against the government. Then he joined the Free Rebels to avenge the death of his parents. Physical possession of the ball and a player has a keen eye like a bull making his friends at Free Rebels call him "Red Bulls"

Gemscool Game Online Pertama Indonesia

Gemscool adalah salah satu portal game online pertama yang ada di indonesia yang sangat banyak digemari oleh para pecinta game termasuk para gamer.GEMSCOOL yang bekerja sama dengan PT. KREON mempunyai misi menyatukan semua gamer game dari Gemscool yang membuat sebuah komunitas.

GEMSCOOL.COM Portal Game Online Indonesia

GEMSCOOL.COM Portal Game Online Indonesia
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Gemscool Lost Saga

Gemscool Lost Saga is a fighting game in which we can choose the favorite hero of the different parts of distance and time. 24 characters hero icon is waiting for a chance to win in the first season with more than 100 other hero waiting to join the fight in the future.

Use the unique skills of each character of the hero to gain fame and fortune for yourself, guildmu, and golonganmu when you fight in the ruins of ancient buildings, castles that float in the air, the ice cracks, the space station and many others!

Lost Saga Online Indonesia Game Gemscool

Gemscool Lost Saga is an action fighting online game, which has many modes of play, and not just focus on PVP mode only. IO developer entertainment as Lost Saga has been experimenting for 4 years in the development of Lost Saga and doing internal testing for 1 year.

Gemscool of PT. Kreon which is the first online game portal in Indonesia, which has a range of online games such as Ghost Online, Yulgang Online, OnAir Online, Point Blank Online, Atlantica Online, Free Style Online, Mako Online, Online Apocalyps, spread the LostSaga the Online Game.

In Lost Saga Hero Gemscool can choose, from Boxing Champ, Dark Shaman, Ninja, Iron Knight, even Cowboy. And each Hero has a wide range of different skills and can be improved in accordance with the lvl have. In Lost Saga, you can exchange hero in the fight as well as weapons and armor that can be seized and fight as a team.