Gemscool Dragon Nest

Gemscool Dragon Nest is a name provided by the games or online game portal site gemscool is where the game is no less interesting as the other games in the first terhadapa introduce the online game lovers in Indonesia especially online gamers gemscool .

On this occasion I will tell you as admin information about game online game portal site has been provided in the call to gemscool the dragon nest . to play this one carries a three- dimensional graphics system so that the display on the game more vivid and real .

As for the origin of dragon nest game is from the south, where the correspondence manufacturer currently working with various online game portal site , and that became one of its partners is gemscool . with the cooperation on the intertwined dragon nest makes the game increasingly well known by the public and a growing number of gamers who play it .

Gemscool Dragon Nest

Dragon Nest

Even the gamers in Indonesia was so fun and love the game will treat the input into the category of the largest in asia game lovers . see it at all because it is very feasible to see the development now , many teens and adults who frequently play online games from gemscool treats .

Cursory atmosphere of this game is almost like a game lost saga is where the game early on introduced by gemscool . but if you look carefully you will see that where once the difference in the game dragon nest sugushan more real and more fun at the play it because it brings 3D graphics .

In this game we are faced to the choice of characters that includes four increments as follows :

  • Sorceress who was a magician in the world dragon nest
  • archer with a long-range attack
  • warrior who is a close combat is very fast and agile
  • cleirc with good defense skills

Option character above you can play to complement the thrill of the atmosphere in the game , but please note that we do not forget the time to execute our obligations .

Gemscool Lost Saga

Gemscool Lost Saga is a fighting game in which we can choose the favorite hero of the different parts of distance and time. 24 characters hero icon is waiting for a chance to win in the first season with more than 100 other hero waiting to join the fight in the future.

Use the unique skills of each character of the hero to gain fame and fortune for yourself, guildmu, and golonganmu when you fight in the ruins of ancient buildings, castles that float in the air, the ice cracks, the space station and many others!

Lost Saga Online Indonesia Game Gemscool

Gemscool Lost Saga is an action fighting online game, which has many modes of play, and not just focus on PVP mode only. IO developer entertainment as Lost Saga has been experimenting for 4 years in the development of Lost Saga and doing internal testing for 1 year.

Gemscool of PT. Kreon which is the first online game portal in Indonesia, which has a range of online games such as Ghost Online, Yulgang Online, OnAir Online, Point Blank Online, Atlantica Online, Free Style Online, Mako Online, Online Apocalyps, spread the LostSaga the Online Game.

In Lost Saga Hero Gemscool can choose, from Boxing Champ, Dark Shaman, Ninja, Iron Knight, even Cowboy. And each Hero has a wide range of different skills and can be improved in accordance with the lvl have. In Lost Saga, you can exchange hero in the fight as well as weapons and armor that can be seized and fight as a team.

Crazy Shooter

Gemscool Crazy Shooter is really a game includes a series of third person shooter (TPS ) developed by Nexon Korea and can be released by Creon in Indonesia. If gamers see wallpapers using this game, maybe its not much differ from a web game titled Kart Rider 2. 0, the overall game has also released the racing genre by Creon in Indonesia. The emergence of the 2 characters look a similar since the developer is likewise still a similar i. e. Nexon.

Graphic submitted by Crazy Shooter looks really pissed off and clear the form from the characters seem like Bomber man. differs from other shooter game that uses the newest weapons with bullets penetrating, Crazy Shooter has children weapons namely pistols having a bullet-shaped bubbles containing water. Although the graphics are childish, but apparently proposed features to become posed during this game won‘t be differ from the shooter game the foremost.

Crazy Shooter produced some different features than other shooter game. There will be three features that could result in the battle during this game gets to be more interesting fashion Item, i. e. the Single Player Mode and also a Finishing Attack.

For fashion items, gamers will obtain the item mainly received from boxes with striking colours. Items are retrieved coming from the box will certainly be determined at random times each item which should be useful like a force to assist the characters in wiping out opponents who handled.

Single Player mode will bring gamers in a really challenging missions with varying levels of difficulty that practice, train and master. Finishing Attack is really a feature that‘s really inside the game since the shooter put forward one last attack (called PANG ) is extremely interesting, so long as the enemy inside a bubble.

Additional features that make Crazy Shooter is the greater interesting pets. It‘s also turn into a special uniqueness put forward by Crazy Shooter due to fights with menbawa keep it funny. Simply not funny, this will make the animals could then assist the character inside the face in an opponent and pets also can take level when playing together. Like the animals are kept in General, pets may also be given a helping.

First time playing, Yuk see a guide here.

1. Enter your ID and Password.
2. If you are a new player, you will be immediately greeted by Romi to create a new fighter.
3. After that, you will be prompted choose Dao or Diz as your first character, and also enter the name of your character.
4. After selecting and entering the name of your character, you will be prompted to confirm the choice of characters and character names.
5. After confirming the Name characters and character, then the character is successfully created and is ready to be played.
6. After successfully making a character, then you will automatically enter the Tutorial mode.
7. In this tutorial you can get prizes if you finish it.
8. After Completing tutorial, you will automatically be in the lobby Single player, click the arrow to the left over to go back to the Main Lobby.
9. After being in the main lobby click, menu multiplay
10. After that you will be directed to multiplayer lobby, here you and your friends can play together in various modes.
11. Click the Create a room to create a room and choose a mode, for example, we choose pirate fashion.
12. After Room Created, you can invite your friends to play together.


* No Item Mode
In this mode you have to beat the opponent team wear items without assistance.

* Item Mode
In this mode you against another team with unique items that you can get at random in certain places.

* Sniper Mode
In this mode, you can only use as a sniper weapon, let's aim at your opponent!

* Single Player Mode
In this mode you can complete certain missions that can train your skills, this mode has three classes, namely practice, train, and master. To play you have to train the class complete the mission in classroom practice, as well as master classes, you must complete the mission that is in a class Train.

To do I login and register online forums gemscool crazy shooter Indonesia for free, please head to the official site gemscool crazyshooter url

Gemscool Cabal

Gemscool Cabal On-line 3D Fantasy MMORPG game and that is developed by ESTsoft, and began launching in Indonesia all th. 2010 Users will explore the planet as Nevareth Cabal with select 2 States : Procyon and Capella. There will be 6 options work ; Warrior, Force Archer, Force, known, Wizard, Force Shielder, along with Known. Cabal on-line include live action battles, PvP system, combo system, system of war, and featured other heterogeneous tend to make users benefit from the game.

An association known as Cabal brought devastation to Nevareth that was very prosperous during the past. Mainland experienced substantial damage. The population is safe throughout mainland hoarsest Nevareth. All hope was almost cut off. Inside the midst of the destruction, appears 7 Sage who ride for the benefit of the safety of Nevareth. They‘re a number of old master control forces. Teaching Nevarethian they are safe coming from the rigors from the Cabal. Simultaneously, they‘re rebuilding the Cabal who messed up.

Several centuries later, memory wise man will teach along with destruction of Nevareth from myopia. Currently, following the interval of 2000 years, with plans to rise again CABAL cruel to finish what they‘ve started.

Perhaps one of the boys King set to sweep clean the human population from the Earth's future. Prepare final assault that cabal turning out to the safety of Nevareth. Absolute options exist inside the Palm of your respective hand ; You may be a glorious rose to oppose the plot and reveals the ability that lies dormant within you? Can you dispute as hard as you can to ensure that residents of Nevareth to nobles is far before you? Have a selection before armor quickly bribed and also your weapon. Destiny filled with violent struggle is waiting for you personally !

Rules Of Play

Like most other MMORPG games, this game is concentrated on killing monsters (quest ), PvE (player versus event ) performed a search and navigate to the basement to obtain experience points and game currency (Alz ). Players can become one to form a celebration, having a maximum of seven characters. Additionally the Bonus Party experience points earned from the members depending on their contributions, PvP (player versus player ), PK (Player Killing ) from the channel is mainly a war, and war Nation that to become 5 group level 52-60, 61-94 levels in Gross, Tierra del dungeon level 95-129, 130-149, rate the amount of 150-170 inside the dungeon from the Tierra Gloriosa. Riosa.


There will be six character classes in Cabal Online. Greatly a character is created, the player must select a character class Warrior, Known, Wizard, Force, Force Shielder, known and Force Archer. The various character classes gives different strategies, skills, library, warehouses as well as their location.

Forum Gemscool

Forum Gemscool adalah komunitas sarasehan untuk bertukar inspirasi sesama pemain game, serta kita mengetahui beragam info perihal permainan yang disiapkan oleh gamscool itu. Pengagum game on-line dari anak-anak, remaja, cuma dari seluruhnya susunan orang-orang. 

Siapa yg tidak kenal dengan nama gemscool seluruhnya gamer pasti telah pada tahu Komunitas Gemscool sadar untuk login ke komunitas, Anda cuma pergi ke alamat http :// forum. gemscool. com

Dalam Komunitas Anda bisa chatting dengan sesama penggemar game on-line tidak terbatas, seperti meminta untuk permainan yang ada pada game gemscoo seperti Point Blank, Kehilangan tehnik permainan Saga atau trick permainan yang disiapkan oleh Gemscool.

ada juga sebagai wadah komunikasi pengagum Gemscool di negara ini. Dibawah naungan PT Kreon, forum Gemscool menjelma jadi portal permainan paling besar serta pertama di Indonesia. forum gemscool ramai sebagian penggemar game dari Indonesia yang diisi beragam gemscool sub studi bermacam yang mempelajari ketentuan dan umum, atau faq, komune serta sharing pengalaman serta trick serta panduan dalam bermain.

Kita ketahui bahwa portal ini mempunyai demikian banyak game on-line yang begitu-begitu disenangi remaja lebih Indonesia bermain dengan keduanya berbarengan dengan jenis yang multiplayer dengan tingkat kwalitas grafis serta ketentuan permainan yang sangatlah mengesankan.

Pastinya hadirnya komunitas bisa mensupport sebagian pemakai Gemscool saat informasi teranyar baik memperoleh patch, bug, serta lebih melaporkan sebagian cheater juga sebagai momok yang memuakkan dalam permainan tersebut. kenapa komunitas gemscool selalu ramai.

Seperti namanya, Komunitas ini memanglah ditujukan juga sebagai Gemscool nongkrong beberapa gamers. Lain komunitas, dalam soal ini komune pemakai bisa sharing panduan, trick, sharing pengalaman, atau cuma sharing.

Disamping itu Gemscool Komunitas dapat jadi jembatan ke pemakai setiap saat gosip alami dengan account Gemscool dipunyai. Umpamanya masalah rekening dilarang. Dengan laporan peristiwa itu, lewat partai Komunitas, Gemscool. Gemscool bakal memberi pencerahan pada pemakai.

Komunitas sub komunitas Gemscool mempunyai sebagian spesial dimanifestasikan juga sebagai wadah untuk nimbrung Gamescool maniak. Tak ada komunitas sub dimaksud Point Blank, Cermin Perang, Yulgang, Atlantica, Dragon Nest, Eligium, Free Style, Lost Saga, serta Kart Rider.

Bila Anda permainan dengan maniak Gemscool, pasti sangatlah akrab dengan beberapa nama diatas. Ya, beberapa nama sub komunitas yaitu gameplay Gemscool popular. Ini bermakna bahwa pemakai mempunyai akses ke menu yang gampang serta cepat untuk thread atau menulis yang di idamkan.

Tetapi, komunitas ini mungkin saja susah 'ditemukan' oleh user atau pemakai baru. Argumennya, juga sebagai 'menghilang Gemscool Forum' dari Google. Mesin pencari tak menghadirkan website ini walau mempunyai input keyword yang berkenaan dengan itu. Belum ada penjelasan rinci serta detil apa yang jadi pemicu paling utama persis.